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Visionary leaders know that growing the business, gaining a competitive advantage and positioning the company for future success requires immediate action. NLI partners with businesses!


Whether you are a supervisor, manager, team or project leader, or you simply want to enhance your leadership and management abilities, our micro-credentials will provide skills to enable you to become a better leader and manager.

Why NLI?

Harness the power of our network of leaders and leading scholars at Cabrini University. Our success allows us to inspire, motivate and influence you to find your competitive advantage.



Why Choose NLI

Our Courses and Credentials

Today’s ever-changing workplace requires leadership skills of agility, collaboration and creativity. The Nerney Leadership Institute offers micro-credentials and courses that provides the essential leadership training for companies and individuals looking to expand their leadership skills.

Leadership at Cabrini

At Cabrini, leadership is not simply leading others, or making others achieve a certain outcome, but instead focuses on a strong sense of self-awareness, personal relations and justice, fairness and solidarity with those who are marginalized.

Our Faculty

NLI partners with scholars and professionals in the leadership field to serve as subject matter experts for our courses, guest speakers and faculty in Cabrini’s business school.

Our Vision

The Nerney Institute sets standards for leadership and prepares students for leadership roles in the workplace and other communities.

These standards include a strong sense of empathy, accountability, and social justice.

Professional Development Series

We feature customized leadership programs developed for nonprofit organizations and corporations. NLI is ready to develop programs focused on leadership development today!

Leader in the Field- Kimberley Lewis, Executive Director for University Admission

Nominated by: George Walter During my nearly two years working with Kimberley, I have consistently witnessed her dedication to being collaborative with work in the Admissions Office, the Enrollment Management Division, as well as with the entire Cabrini Community.  She has worked to earn the trust of our faculty colleagues and to impress upon them […]


Nerney Leadership Institute is your key to success!