Addressing the events at the U.S. Capitol

Addressing the events at the U.S. Capitol

Dear Cabrini community,

Yesterday, while the United States Congress gathered for the formality of counting and certifying the votes of the Electoral College and, subsequently, the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, a violent scene unfolded outside and inside the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

These acts of aggression at the Capitol are a disgraceful assault on this nation’s most fundamental democratic process, and I am deeply saddened to see this widespread lack of faith in our democracy. Our nation was built upon the foundation that it is the American people who appoint their leaders through an election process intended to give voice to the masses. And, a bipartisan coalition of officials, judges, and everyday citizens have worked diligently to determine that November’s election was conducted and tabulated legitimately.

The peaceful transition of power upholds the integrity and continuity of our democratic government. We cannot afford to weaken this enduring pillar.

Over the course of a tumultuous and uncertain 2020, members of the Cabrini community and beyond came together, seeking to bridge divides, right injustices, and build a better future. This civic cooperation can and should be our national model. We are not perfect, but in 2021 and beyond, we must move forward together in unity—whether it be on this campus or in the halls of Congress. 

May we find a way to progress peacefully and begin anew.

In the Cabrinian spirit,

Donald B. Taylor, PhD


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