Great virtual (live or recorded) opportunity!!!

Cabrini University would like to offer an exemplar session to all of our cohorts or anyone identified by you. You can join the session or watch a recorded version at a later time.

They have had the opportunity to create the Barbara & John Jordan Center for Children of Trauma and Domestic Violence Education. Cabrini University is committed to supporting communities during this unprecedented time and is offering trauma resources as a way to address the needs that pre-service educators and others may be facing. Please consider joining them for the following virtual sessions on Wednesday, January 12th:

The Creation and Work of the Jordan Center at Cabrini University

Session 1: Wednesday, January 12th from 4:00-5:00 PM This session will cover the research and methods used to build the center using a systematic approach that covers the entire university/community with lessons learned. We will share resources and content used in our professional development sessions, including direct examples on how to build resilience, how to use […]

Navigating Barriers Presented by the COVID 19 Pandemic: Reflections and Innovative Solutions

Session 1: Wednesday, January 12, 2022 | 5-6 pm  This session will cover research done during the pandemic on educators’ needs and recommendations made based on the outcomes, including a newly developed framework.

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