Leader in the Field- Jennifer (Specht) Frey, PhD, RN

Leader in the Field- Jennifer (Specht) Frey, PhD, RN

Nominated by: Andrew Pron, EdD

Jennifer (Specht) Frey, PhD, RN, has more than a decade of academic nursing education experience, as well as nursing leadership and administrative experience. She is focused on ​answering the call for nursing leaders to integrate health equity, the care of vulnerable and underserved populations, and interprofessional collaboration into nursing curricula.

Jennifer has been working with our first cohort of nursing students and she displays many characteristics within the social change model. Recently, she shared a blog entry entitled “Hope Through a Nurse’s Eyes” (https://www.cabrini.edu/blog/2020-2021-blogs/hope-through-a-nurses-eyes) where she talks about the emotions of being a nurse during a pandemic. She shared the video below with her students and colleagues and the video offers insight into what being a nurse right now means. It highlights many of the aspects of nursing that exist outside of the Covid crisis, but are especially meaningful in these times. Nurses are highly skilled professionals that can manage the most critically ill with dignity, compassion, and empathy.  


Jennifer embodies leadership and I am proud that she is the NLI Leader in the Field for the month of March.

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