Leader in the Field- Jennifer Specht, PhD, RN

Nominated by: Andrew Pron, EdD Jennifer Specht, PhD, RN, has more than a decade of academic nursing education experience, as well as nursing leadership and administrative experience. She is focused on ​answering the call for nursing leaders to integrate health equity, the care of vulnerable and underserved populations, and interprofessional collaboration into nursing curricula. Dr. Specht […]

Reimagining the Workforce 2021

In the Fall of 2020, Wiley Education Services surveyed over 600 human resources (HR) and learning and development (L&D) professionals, including nearly 100 leaders at the Executive/C-level, to get a better understanding of what the biggest skills gaps are and how companies are responding to widening gaps within their businesses. This report examines how employers […]

23 Black Leaders Who Are Shaping History Today

Black Americans have played a crucial role in helping to advance America’s business, political and cultural landscape into what it is today. And since 1976, every U.S. president has designated the month of February as Black History Month to honor the achievements and the resilience of the Black community. 

Ethically Adaptive Leadership

This morning, I was reading another blog that I regularly check out for great discussion of leadership issues (Leading in Context, by Dr. Linda Fisher Thornton). In her current entry (see here), she discusses the three words above, which often are not used together – ethical, adaptive, leadership. I was very intrigued by this pairing, […]

Leader in the Field- Dr. James Hedtke

Nominated by Sam Ullman Dr. Hedtke has taught me for four straight semesters (soon to be 5) and a summer/winter course. This man is a champion of teaching political science. Nobody deserve this award and praise more than he does, year after year, course after course.

Leading by Serving

Leadership is an important part of our life as social beings, as we co-exist, survive and thrive in a challenging world full of obstacles at all levels. It is very easy and very tempting to fall into the trap of seeing leadership primarily through the lens of personal or professional advancement – i.e. leadership as […]

Innovations and Initiatives Amidst Uncertainty

Dan and Lauren return for the fourth season of The Leadership Educator Podcast.  Listen in as we share our thoughts on leadership education in 2021. 

Lisa Podolsky and Leadership

One of the many reasons I love teaching LEAD 212: Group & Team Leadership is because the topic is so applicable to real life. The year 2020 was the ultimate modern case study in group dynamics and leadership. We saw how impactful and effective groups of people can be when working toward a common goal, […]

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